Bee Friendly Vegan Gift Box


Holdsworth Chocolates,  has been working hard to create a deliciously decadent selection of dark chocolates, packed full of flavour and suitable for a Vegan lifestyle.

Filled with decadent flavour combinations:

Gingerbread Truffle, topped with caramelized hazelnut nibs

Raspberry Cream, sprinkled with freeze dried raspberry

Orange Truffle, drizzled with dark chocolate and dusted with a golden shimmer

Marc de Champagne truffle, hand wrapped in flash of green foil

Dark Chocolate Truffle, hand enrobed in dark chocolate

Strawberry Cream, dusted with freeze dried strawberry

Crispy Hazelnut Praline, hand finished in dark chocolate

Espresso Martini, topped with a golden coffee bean

Marzipan & Pistachio, sprinkled with Matcha Green Tea

Truffles are hand mixed, using only the finest ingredients & infused with natural flavours, to create delicious chocolates.

They are then enrobed in dark chocolate and hand finished with delicate designs, to create a stunning selection of creams, truffles, marzipans & pralines.

When the chocolates are finished, they are hand packed  into recyclable inners & package them into a stunning sleeve with whimsical butterflies, bumble bees and dragonflies – the perfect gift box for someone that has a vegan diet or for any chocolate lover!



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